Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Well, things are just crazy.

Where to begin, where to begin. Let's see...B'Gosh is in Charlottesville again, this time for pre-op work ups for his upcoming procedure - which I lovingly call a spine replacement. He'll be back tomorrow afternoon, and then we head back up to UVA at the end of the month. His surgery date is 10/25. Please send all the positive energy you can for him. This is a major procedure.

Our dishwasher died a few days ago. To be frugal, we opted to install the dishwasher ourselves to avoid the $99 installation charge. What was I thinking??? Apparently I wasn't because now I get to go home tonite and try to install this thing. Eh, I can do it. Just don't want to.

Speaking of installation, I found out this afternoon that the new front door we have been waiting for will be installed tomorrow. I wasn't expecting it, but I am happy to finally get it in! The last time we tried this, the door I bought wasn't going to fit the front and ended up replacing our old patio slide in the back. The new door being installed tomorrow was custom built, so we know it will fit. Just not sure what damage is going to be found when the old door comes out. We know it has water damage from an old roof leak. We just don't know the extent of damage to the surrounding lumber. Fingers crossed it isn't much. We'll find out.

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