Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Move past it.

I have been getting messages from the universe, by way of Facebook, that I should forgive anyone and everyone who has ever done anything that I took as harm against me or someone I love. I have to admit, I find it very hard to do. The most thought-provoking message was posted by CaliKim (my made up name for her - those who know her will know who I mean). I am pretty sure she was posting the message for herself, but it felt like it was written specifically for me. "Forgiveness frees the forgiver..."

It seems like it would be this profound sense of weight lifted off my shoulders if I forgive. I suppose I will let it go at some point, but right now I don't want to forgive. The particular recipient of said forgiveness continues to cause grief, and I just don't think forgiveness is in anyway due at this point in time.

As far as others that I have never forgiven for past wrongs, I'll think about it... =)


Lola LaFayette said...

That CaliKim is one prolific person! Her comment also got me thinking.

When you are ready to forgive, you will forgive. It's not something you can be talked into or convinced to do. You have to make the decision on your own.

You are the only one who will know when you are ready. When (and IF) that day comes, it will come. If it never comes, it's nobody's business but yours.

And I love you no matter what!!

Drum Riley Calhoun said...

Thank you Lola! I love you too.